Our many years of experience in designing and manufacturing handmade jewellery, as well as the constant improvement of our business plan, give us the opportunity to keep our functional costs low, without affecting the quality of the products and services that we offer our consumers.

At the same time, we emphasize in producing original designs, from our creative department with the support and supervision of Mrs. Vassou, with aiming at the targeted projection and advertisement of the company throughout printed and electronic media.

The ideal partner does not have to be a creator, himself. He can be a person with market experience, either an owner of a commercial property that chooses to use it himself, either a simple investor, or just a man with passion for work. The ideal partner must have principles such as integrity, insight, consistency, honesty and be open minded for innovative ideas.

The team of KATERINA VASSOU JEWELLERY is constantly near its new partners, undertakes the construction and supervision of any new store, advises on how jewellery is properly displayed, trains the new employees, and of course provides all the support that is needed throughout the partnership.

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